Through the Double Degree programme you will enjoy twice the opportunity – you will be awarded both a BA and a BEd honours degree – which also qualifies you for an exemption from Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers of English (LPATE).

In the English Language & Literature component, you will:

- develop independent and critical thinking;
- broaden your mind and engage in the arts and in the expressions of humane ideals through literature and language studies;
- appreciate significant literary works and relating them to the study of language; and
- explore how languages work and how they are used in different contexts.

In the Education Studies component, you will:

- develop expertise in teaching English;
- acquire knowledge of disciplines that inform educational practice;
- develop knowledge that encompasses teacher professionalism, educational organisation and management, and policy practices; and
- cultivate personal qualitites that support teachers' daily work and professional development.

Moreover, our new structure of the English Language Teaching (ELT) component aims at strengthening your knowledge and skills required for teaching English not only in secondary schools, but also at the level of primary. You can choose your study either with Dual Foci or Secondary-in-depth Focus (Primary & Secondary) at the end of Year 3.