Special Features


The Double Degree programme offers you a wide range of opportunities outside lecture rooms, because we think learning by experience is equivalently important.

In the programme, you need to go on an Immersion Programme in an English-speaking country. You will be insipired with teaching skills from overseas TESOL professionals. At the same time, frequent communication with the locals there will polish your English.

You will have hands-on experience teaching in an authentic Hong Kong school setting in School Experience and Teaching Practicums. There you can experiment with ideas and theories to prepare yourself for the teaching profession.

Chances are some other activities are to your liking. For adventurers, the sponsored exchange programme at our university covers a wide range of destinations where you can enjoy an exciting time abroad immersed in a different culture. There are also multiple internship programmes allows you to get a taste of working in different fields, local and abroad.

To add to your vibrant uni-life, join our English Society! Be a part of the executive committee and organise events, or participate as a member.